Stays champagne & vineyards

2. OenoSpheres - Moulin de Verzenay

We suggest you to discover the 4 main champagne vineyards through their greatest craftsmen, from north to South : the vineyard of the Montagne de Reims marked by the Pinot noir, the Vallée de la Marne surrounding Epernay where the Meunier prevails, the Côte des Blancs in the South of Epernay where the Chardonnay reigns and next to Burgundy the vineyard of the Côte des Bar and its famous Pinot noir.

Stays Houses & Wine makers

3. OenoSpheres - La cave

Go to explore the 3 kind of actors shaping the champagne terroir : The Wine makers, they have the property of the plots used for the production of their wines ; Houses, owners of a part of the plots used for the production of their wines and buyers of the complement with the Wine growers; the Coopératives where somes Wine makers have decided to share their production tools.

Stays champagne & Lifestyle

9. OenoSpheres - Dégustation Perchingbar 2 (2)

You will have here the opportunity to discover the unique art de vivre, which from the Champagne region. This, made by great stared chefs, gastronomic wines but also world-renowned craftsmen, will invite you to enjoy delicate moments made by new flavors discovered in refined places.

Stays champagne & History

4. OenoSpheres - L'Histoire de Champagne

We suggest you to explore the key dates of the History of the Champagne region. Closely linked to the History of the kingdom of France, the Champagne region take an important place of it. Some of its greatest events participated at the History of France as the coronation of Kings of France, the several important wars but also the establishement of the order of the Knight Templars.

Stays champagne & architecture

7. OenoSpheres - Panorama sur vignes

Rich of its wines, its craftsmen and its History, the Champagne region is also endowed
of incomparable architecture. The Art deco style which was born between both wars in
The medieval architecture made by timber framings in Troyes or Cistercian style
within the vineyard
of the Côte des Bar the with this unique architectural heritage in France.